A Taste of Spain's Fine Cuisine
in the Heart of Central Florida
Open for Lunch and Dinner

El Bodegon Tapas & Wine Restaurant
400 S Orlando Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789
Reservations & Catering (407) 628-1078
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About El Bodegón Tapas & Wine

El Bodegón Tapas & Wine is Orlando's finest and most visited Spanish Restaurant and its story is as magical as that of this Central Florida city that is the hospitality capital of the United States.

The restaurant is owned by siblings Alexis Mariñez and Jackie Méndez, who along with their mother, Nadine López, have created an incredible atmosphere usually found in a cosmopolitan city like New York or Chicago.

The restaurant resembles an old bodegón, Spanish for wine cellar, and its colors pay homage to the Spanish wine country that is known around the world for its traditions and colorful fiestas.


Alexis Mariñez worked for over 15 years in Orlando's hospitality industry, always working on different aspects of the food and beverage where he learned to develop his strong drive for client satisfaction.

With his drive and experience in hospitality under the belt — and the support of his sister and mother — Alexis set forth to follow his dream of owning a Spanish restaurant in 2006 and named it El Bodegón, Spanish an ambiguous term for both tavern or wine cellar.

Having made his home in the heart of Central Florida, Alexis Mariñez decided to establish El Bodegón is Winter Park, one of the townships of Orlando — the entertainment and hospitality capital of the United States.

Authentic Cuisine from Spain in the Heart of Central Florida

El Bodegón offers a diverse experience, depending on the purpose of your visit. Some clients come in for a full dining experience, always seeking the restaurant's top rated Paellas; while others simply come in to enjoy a variety of Spanish Tapas (appetizers).

As a staple of Spain's everyday cuisine, Tapas have the appeal of "finger food for any occasion" and El Bodegón makes this experience complete with wine and imported beers to match it — always keeping it authentic.

Our restaurant has a wide selection of authentic Spanish main dishes, including exquisite meats, seafood and poultry; and you can complement your meal with exquisite salads, soups and desserts.

Without question, El Bodegón offers the essence of a dream materialized in an epicurean experience for the most discerning critics and has become a destination for business travelers and a top dinning suggestion from concierges in Orlando's top hotels.

El Bodegón is open daily for lunch and dinner, but we strongly recommend that you make reservations since its popularity may keep walk-in clients waiting until one of their popular tables becomes available.

Contact Alexis Mariñez and his staff by calling (407) 628-1078 and get ready to experience authentic Spanish cuisine at El Bodegón Tapas & Wine.


Executive Chef

Alexis Mariñez

Operations Manager

Nadine López

Sales & Catering Manager

Jackie Méndez

Chief Maitre'D

Juan Servidor

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Reservations: (407)628-1078


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